Shipping to AirTech


You're packaging up life support equipment here, so wrap it carefully. We suggest putting your equipment in a paper or plastic bag, and then packing it inside a standard cardboard box. Whatever you use for packing / shock insulation is up to you, just DON'T USE loose styrofoam peanuts. They get everywhere and stick to everything. 

Also - we need the ENTIRE regulator system to be able to perform full and defensible service on your equipment. PLEASE do NOT disassemble your regulator. We need the entire unit, hoses and all, to be able to perform a comprehensive service and guarantee our work. Please call us if this presents a problem for you.

And most importantly, PLEASE complete this on-line form and submit it to us prior to shipping your equipment. We designed this form to collect all the information we'll need to service your equipment intelligently. Once we receive this form we will immediately send you a response with a service ticket number assigned to your equipment. Please either print and include this response with your equipment or write the ticket number on the box. This allows both of us to track your equipment through our service procedure and return ship.

Our address is:
3651 Bastion Lane
Raleigh, NC

Our phone number is 919-255-1888.

We can receive packages via the US Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, Airborne, DHS, and pretty much any other shipper of whom we're aware..

And, if you are on a parts-replacement warranty program from your equipment manufacturer, please include proof of current warranty status. This generally includes your original purchase a copy of your original purchase receipt from an authorized retailer and proof of your most recent service. We cannot honor your warranty without having this proof. We will return it to you, properly updated, with the equipment serviced.